Essie – Swept off my feet

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I bought Swept off my feet last year, but because it is such a tipically fall/winter colour for me, and since the blog has started in April, I really didn’t get the chance to show it to you, guys. But today! Yi-ha! :)

In my head every nail poplish that I own can be perfectly matched with some feelings or mood. These analogies always help to choose the right shade for the moment or for the next day. When I feel feminine and adult I reach for polishes like OPI – Kreme de la Kremlin, or…Essie – Swept off my feet. This polish is timeless effeminacy for me. I can’t imagine growing tired of it.

Essie has released Swept off my feet in their 2008 Fall collection, but I really do not think, that it would have a term of limitation. It is above fashion or trends. I think the expression I was looking for for the last few sentences is ‘classic’. It has a muted mauve shade – for me at least – I always find difficult to describe these pink/red shades. It’s good I have pictures too. :D

2 coast make it perfectly opaque.

My feelings for this polish are not easy to describe: if I react to a-england polishes like I would to Chester Bennington (crying, screaming, occasional underwear throwing), then Swept off my feet is a September volume Vogue signed by Anna Wintour. :)

I hope you can see through my mixed metaphores and understand the message. :D

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