Halloween Nail Art Challenge – (True) Blood

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When Isabella contacted me to participate in this challenge, I felt honoured, but I had to refuse ir, because usually I don’t have time for more complicated manis. Fortunately, she accepted a part-time application too, so I can join the challenge for some manis, if I have time for them. The “bloody theme” sounded good, so I wanted in. :)

I wanted to try out this splatter mani for a long time, and when else, if not now? :D I made the red blood splatters first, but I added some black polish too, to not to be so horrifying at work the next day.

As much as I didn’t fall in love with water marble, I love this splatter mani even more. Here’s the link to the inspirational step by step video.

This is all so True Blood, I LOVE it! :)

There’s some blood flowing around on the other participants’ blog too, don’t forget to check it out! :)

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