BeYu – 329

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I have been checking out BeYu polishes several times, because they just fit in my “once in every other month” price limit. The plan was to have a look at all the swatches of the different shades on the internet, then to think about which of them my stash is lacking…but I saw the 329 (hey, dear nail polish manufacturers, name the shades please!) and fell in love with it. Conscious shopping, right? ;)

I’m so into purple-red shades lately! So I think it’s quite obvious why I like this polish so much. :) And it is so shiny, that it reflects – on each and every single picture – the little house we spent the holiday in. :S :)

I really like these subtle shimmer type polishes, because you get the shine, but they’re still easy to remove.

I thought that 2 coats were enough, but I see now, that there are some unevenness, so next time I’ll use 3. Anyways, it is a beautiful colour and I love love love it. :)

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