Catrice – Oh My Goldness!

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The only thing I’m sure about this polish is that it chips like hell. It literally couldn’t stay on my nails without any chipping for at least half a day. Maybe it’s just me, but hey, it’s not cool anyway. And it applies funny too. The first coat is like I painted on an oily surface, there were sooo many bald spots. The second coat seemed to fix this problem, but now that I’m editing the pictures, I still see a bald spot on my ring finger. :S

These are the facts. My impression of this polish is rather more complicate. I’m hopelessly unsure about it. I can’t figure out if I like this metallic pumpkin shade or not. Because no one can persuade me it’s gold. I’m constantly glancing at my nails and sometimes it scares me, sometimes amazes me. I really like it for the moment, but ask me in 10 minutes and I may say completely the opposite.

It reminds me of Christmas fares, which makes me think I like it. I even start to think, that this polish could be one of my favourites this season…even so I may not use it anymore…

Pfff, sorry, but I’m completely clueless. I hope at least the pictures help you decide whether you like it or not, because I can’t give you a more sophisticated opinion for the moment. :)

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