Flormar – P29

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I wanted to show you this teeny-tiny polish for a while. You could have read several times on this blog that I rave about some nail polishes, but I always try to make a distinction between good, really good and awesome polishes. See, this is an awesome one. :D

This is GORGEOUS. Why? 1) Look at the colour: wow, 2) it is sooo easy to apply, 3) it’s even easier to remove, but who cares, because 4) this colour! … or have I already mentioned that? :D

I don’t want to overflow with the adjectives, so let’s just say that I have been wearing it for 4 days, because I couldn’t bear removing it.

Here are some photos with artificial light:

Wow. It is not par hasard that this polish made it to the Fall/Winter Top10. ;)

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