Maybelline Colorama – 103

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Most of you already know that I’m in the middle of a very cruel challenge, which means that I won’t buy any nail polish until the end of this year. So you can imagine how happy I was, when one of my closest friends surprised me with this Maybelline nail polish.

I have read a lot of good reviews about the new Colorama polishes, but I haven’t tried any of them yet. This dark blue seemed very promising in the bottle…

…and it turned out beautiful on the nails too.  :)  However the slight purple reflects don’t show once applied, it has a very pretty blue shade. I suggest to buy it for the blue and not for the purple though.

So here’s my opinion:

Bottle: Not the most beautiful or elegant ever, but much better than the old, elongated bottle.

Brush: Thin and flat – it is very easy to apply the polish with it.

Consistency: A little runny, so you have to work with it slowly. Drying time is average. Full opacity after 2 coats.

I wanted to compare it to Navy Blue from Max Factor, because they seemed very similar.

In the bottle they differ a little, but on the nails it changes.

I can’t see a lot of difference here. They aren’t perfect dupes, because the MF is slightly darker and deeper, but one of them could be enough in a stash. I prefer the Maybelline one, because I got it from my friend, vut both are very pretty.

Which is your favourite? :)

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