Astor 345 + Lovely Moulin Rouge Nr 13

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Recently I fell in love with Astor polishes, because, they’re so low-maintenance. Absolutely the best quality polishes in hungarian drugstores. This was my excuse to purchase some more of them. I needed a pink that I can quickly apply to my nails anytime. So I bought shade 345.

It is as excellent as the previous ones: applies easily, covers wizh one coat, dries quickly, has a wonderful formule and stays on my nails for several days.

On my ringfinger I applied some of the Lovely Moulin Rouge 13 which is a mauve-pink and gold glitter top coat. I never really liked glitter polishes, but of late I’m starting to love them very much. I wonder how long this phase would last.

I think it will be one of my favourite summer polishes, it is just perfect. I will keep it in my firts-aid kit, next to the adhesive bandage-tweezer-carmex essentials. :)

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