Attent to make a glitter sandwich

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I had plenty of time one afternoon so I decided to make a glitter sandwich which is indeed a time consuming activity with its long drying time.

I used Essie Marshmallow as base and Rose Nail 084 and SHC 25 as glitter.

Recipe: one coat of base coat + one coat Essie + one coat SHC + one coat Essie + one coat Rose Nail + one coat Essie + one coat of top coat.

7 coats altogether. One and a half hour drying time.

The SHC one has matte black and gigantic silver hexagones in it. The black ones are quite special, but the silver ones are just too big to look good on the nails.

The Rose Nails has purple glitters which are very pretty, but they stuck togehter easily so it is very difficult to spread the on the nails.

This is why the whole mani looks rather “interesting”. It seems like the glitters are blown and awry. :/

The general effect is not that bad, but I didn’t want to keep watching it more closely. Next time I will have to choose my glitter more wisely.

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