Catrice – Mint Me Up (36)

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I have been very curious about the new Catrice polishes, so when I saw a swatch of Mint Me Up, I headed directly to the nearest Müller to get it. And finally I found a shade of which I can say with clear conscience that ‘I had nothing like that”.

It really has quite an original colour. Though it’s not a mint like the label says, it’s more of a mossy shade. It has gold shimmer and copper flecks. Tempting, isn’t it? :)

The flecks aren’t so obvious once applied, but the colour is gorgeous anyway.

I have nothing to say about the so-claimed nem formule, I didn’t notice any change about the consistency. But the brush. Oh, the brush…-_-

I don’t know if every bottle have this kind of “wonder”, but this one really is a nightmare. It’s not rounded, nor straight…seriously who has cuticles like this? And the bristles are unewven too.

The polish itself isn’t bad at all, a little bit on the thicker side, but all right. It covers well with 2 coats, washing-up-proof. If the other bottles have a better brush, than I’ll be more than happy to try out the other ones too. :)

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