CR Cairuo – Rainbow Stone 02

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I’ve seen this brand on several blogs but couldn’t find them anywhere until last week. I purchased two of the Rainbow Stone line, a blue and a green one. Let’s see the blue one first.

The bottle is okay, nothing special, not really my favourite, but the cap is really gorgeous with its rosegold hue.*_*

And the polish itself…

…is ah-mazing. *_*

It’s a light pastel-like blue with lots is shimmer. Covers perfectly with 2 coats, the brush is the usual one, but works like wonder. After applying top coat the surface evens out to perfectly smooth.

Although I love love love the colour, this polish is a nightmare for multiple reasons.

First of all, it dries veeeery slowly. I usually don’t mess up my half-dry manicure, but this one is so sensitive that it crinkles up from everything.

And once it’s dry, it is very difficult to remove it. It almost resists to nail polish remover. And it chips like hell, but not just on the ends, but in rather big chunks. Gross. :S

It is so sad that the quality of this polish is this awful, because the colour is super gorgeous. :'( I’m so afraid to try the green one now. :/

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