DON’T: Essence – limited edition

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I should say it in advance: DON’T buy this set. Just don’t.

Lately these cute little sets appeared in Müllers: 1 full sized Essence perfume + 2 limited edition nail polishes.  One of the sets had ‘like a walk in the summer rain’ perfume and 2 blue polishes in it. Blue and limited edition – of course I had to get them.

The polishes are Glorious Blue Sky and Dazzling Raindrop. The first of them is a beautiful bright blue and the other one is full of blue and bronze glitters.

Glorious Blue Sky has a fantastic formule: it covers with only one coat (I’m wearing two – just in case) and it’s very easy to apply.

Dazzling Raindrop on the other side is not special at all. And certainly not limited edition. Another Essence polish, namely Glorious Aquarius has been available for over a year now, and they are the same.

Same colour, same glitters. Close up:

They’re perfectly alike.

I figured why not compare Glorious Blue Sky to other polishes as well.

Here we have NYC – Water Street Blue, and Moyra Pastel Shades 605 next to the Essence one.

Moyra 605 is definitively lighter, but NYC Water Street Blue is almost the same as Glorious Blue Sky. Dupe-alert, beep, beep.

And now comes the horror:

This is what this bastard did to me. And it’s even more blue than in the picture. I’m so disappointed, especially because it was just a few days ago, that I finally succeeded in turning my nails back to white. And now this. :(

So my advice is the following: DON’T buy this set, if you would do it for the blue polish. The perfume is sweet and the glitter polish is a good replacement if you’re out of Glorious Aquarius (as you could see, I currently am), but the blue one is a big fiasco.

Well, I have to say, that I’m angry because of the glitter one too…I thought I’d get a limited nail polish which it is not, so I feel fooled. I know I should have pay attention, but I think it’s not my fault this time.

Thank you for letting me complain. :)

There’s another set too with two purple polishes. I don’t know anything about them, but I would be curious….

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