Lovely Must Have polishes

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Today I want to show you all of my Lovely Must Have nail polishes.

From left to right: Glam Style Nr 6., Glam Style Nr 5., Naturalist Nr 5., Glam Style Nr 7. és Glam Style Nr 8.

And applied:

All of them cover really good (2 coats), their formule is just perfect.

Glam Style Nr 6.:

The must-have beige nude with silver shimmer. Elegant and beautiful .

Glam Style Nr 5.:

I really like frosty pink shaded, even more if they’re light. The pink shimmer balances out the paleness of the shade with its vividness.

Naturalist Nr 5.:

I first saw this shade at Ingrid’s and I automatically fell in love with it. It”s a rwal grey chameleon – which means it can represent so many shades of grey I almost can’t beleive it. The pink irredescent light is a non plus ultra.

Glam Style Nr 7.:

The concept of royal blue nail polish with shimmer is the same that this polish. You couldn’t ask for more in this categorie. Beautiful.

Glam Style Nr 8.:

It was the only slight disappointment of the five polish. I expected a somewhat darker black and the pink-blue shimmer unfortunately also transforms intos silver, but it is a gorgeous colour anyway.

They all are really good nail polishes, you shoud really try them, if you haven’t already. I could purchase the whole line…and maybe I will. :)

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