Aden – Sun Kiss (81)

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I started to like yellow polishes this spring, so I try to test a lot of them to find the perfect one. Unfortunately yellow polishes are known to have a very tricky quality. Few of them proves to be worthy of trying. I didn’t want to risk much, so I went for the cheapest (but one of the finest) brand: Aden.

I chose a cool toned yellow – Sun Kiss:

Well, this is my type of yellow! It’s cool enough to avoid the sunny side up eggs look and at the same time it’s neither too pastel to be boring.

However, this polish isn’t perfect: I needed 3 coats to get full opacity. I mean, the surface was quite even at the end, but it took 3 coats to get there, which is not ideal. The formule is kind of runny, but it’s easily tamed and doesn’t flood the cuticles if you’re careful.

I really don’t understand why do I tend to forget about this brand sometimes, it’s cheap, available in a LOT of shades, has mini bottles and has usually moderetaly good to very good quality.

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