Astor Fashion Studio – Yellow Daffodil (239)

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I guess you remember how I claimed in the Beauty Blogger Tag that I usually don’t curse. Well, there are some situations when I do.

Like after trying this gorgeous chicklet yellow Astor Fashion Studio polish. I love the Quick’n Go polishes very much, so I dared experiment further. And I shouldn’t have to… I wanted to find the perfect yellow polish, but the only thing I found was some gooey yellow nightmare…

I usually don’t like to nag about a polish, but this time I must.

I believe you can clearly see my problem in this picture above. This polish just can not be even. I used 3 coats – and although I couldn’t figure out if that was too much or too few – it looked horrible.

The first coat didn’t cover anything, the second got streaky and the third one didn’t spread evenly. I almost can’t believe that one polish could commit all of these 3 mistakes.

And it chipped like hell, but it’s hardly the worse it could do after this horrid formule.

I know that some of you like very much the Fashion Studios (good for you :)), but my nails just can’t cooperate with them (and, yes, I tried – unfortunately – more than one of them).

So I would really appreciate if you shared your opinion too, because I’m clueless here. Thanks. :)

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