Essence nostalgie

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I suppose you all know already that I have plenty of nail polish. I’m really grateful for that and I”m growing even more grateful every day.

But. There are some disadvantages to it as well. I’m talking about the fact that there are a lot of unused polish in my drawers. I just can’t use them to the full. Not this amount. There’s not enough time nor nails for that. And my heart brokes every time I see them lying around neglected.

And because of me trying to post every other day, I don’t let myself free time to use them. I just can’t “waste” the time I could spend wearing polishes for new blogposts.

So I figured why not write about some of the older polishes occasionally? Nostalgically, I suppose. :) I will try to do it in a way so I don’t bore you, so I’ll do some nail art with them, or I’ll vary them like today, using several of them in one mani.

My first attempt is with some Essence classics, one of them my all time favourite: In Style.

I love this shade so much, I even bought 3 bottles of it before Essence stopped selling it. I added some Blue Addicted and H&M Aqua Splash over it to spice it up.

It was great to use them again, I hope you don’t mind either if I’ll write these kind of posts in the future. Of course I’ll understand if you disagree, but – for my own and the polishes sake – I hope you won’t. :)

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