NYC – Catwalk Queen (040)

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I love NYC polisher very much so I couldn’t wait for the new sortiment to appear on the shelves. The new shades are very beautiful, it was very hard to not to buy them all. :)

Of course, finally I did manage to choose only one. I picked up a peach one, because – although I already own several peach polishes – I don’t have the perfect peach polish yet.

Catwalk Queen is a very weird choice of name for this colour, I would imagine a much more fierce shade to have it, but unfortunately it’s not up to me to name polishes. :(

Let’s see how this peach looks like on the nails:

I used one thin and one quite thick coat, because the first one was very streaky and uneven so I wanted to compensate that with the second one. I succeeded in getting the surface even, but I ended up with a very thick layer of polish on my nails, which I don’t fancy very much.

I like the colour very much indeed, it’s so girly and summer-y. If I’l be able to “tame” it and use it the right way, I’ll be loving it even more.

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