Astor Perfect Stay Gel Shine – Tickle My Pink (203)

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I’ve been wanting to do this mani for so long! Because 1) I was curious about the new Astor Perfect Stay Gel Shine polishes and 2) I wanted to do a glitter accent nail sooo badly!

Tickle My Pink was asking for some silver, so silver she did get. I was going through my stash to see what I have to work with….and I pretty much applied everything I found on my ringfinger. I ended up having a 3 mm thick polish crust, but I couldn’t care less. :)

I used Tickle My Pink in 2 coats:

If all of the new Astor polishes are similar to this one, I would be very pleased. Tickle My Pink was easy to apply, covered beautifully and had an okay brush (wide and flat). I really like the shade too, I don’t own many delicate pinks….and those I do own aren’t very good quality-wise, so I’m very happy now.

Recently I tend to buy colours that are very wearable AND easy to apply so I’m pretty glad that now I have this shades covered too.

On my ring finger we have: Avon – Starry Sky (silver base), Lovely – Moulin Rouge Nr14 (shimmer galore), dor – 123 (for the holo effect) and Butterfly – 42 (big silver glitters). Together they are very dazzling, sparkly and  – in direct sunlight – almost dangerous for the eyes.

The holo effect:

If the glitter accent nails will hold up, I’ll only remove the pink and apply some other shade around the ringfinger. :)

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