H&M – Turquoise + Glitter Accent Nail

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I loved so much my last glitter accent nail mani, that I just couldn’t stop recreating it…..but this time with a gold accent. When you fin something that feels this good, you just have to keep going on with it. :)

The base colour in this case is a turquoise one from H&M’s 5-piece summer set. I won’t show the whole set in one post, but sooner or later all of them will be up in some form.

This polish is quite runny, I had to be very careful while applying. However it covered beautifully in 2 coats and it was very shiny too. I would suggest to buy this only if you’re already a handy nail polish girl, because it really wasn’t that easy to apply.

The base on my ring finger is Avon – Golden Vision and on top of it there’s one coat of Lovely – Moulin Rouge Nr7 and two coats of H&M – Pink Bling Bling.

I really like how the turquoise in the holo of  Pink Bling Bling compliments the other polish and makes the base colour and the accent nail rhyme to each other.

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