NYC – Empire Purple vs. Miss Sporty Metal Flip 040

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Yes, I’ve done it again. I bought a nail polish that is 100% identical to an other one I already had. But I hope it’s not too late for you at least, so pay close attention to the following.

Miss Sporty came out with their Metal Flip polishes in February, and I purhcased all 3 of them, because I thought, they are very special and interesting. Fiery Blaze was closest to my heart even then. So, maybe, it’s not that big of a surprise that I ended up buying a nail polish that has the same colour…..or is it? :/

Anyhow, now I have NYC – Empire Purple too in my stash. And the two of them look like this next to each other:

Now, I have to confess that I have no clue about which shade is on which nail. I just don’t know. I try to remember, but I can’t. It’s very awkward, but I had the pictures in a draft post for over two weeks and now I don’t remember which nail polish I applied on which nail. I could bluff, but I don’t want to.

It’s a little bit of a relief that, in fact, it doesn’t matter at all, because they are COMPLETELY similar to each other.

I do remember though, that I definitely prefered the formule of Miss Sporty to the one of NYC. It was easier to apply, didn’t get so streaky and the brush was better too. It’s almost weird how two polishes which are so identical in shade, could be this different in formule.

I tried to take pictures from a lot of different angles so you can see how astounding their similarity is.

After trying both of them, I would rather suggest the Miss Sporty one to buy, but the NYC isn’t bad either. If you generally prefer the formule of NYC polishes, then you won’t be disappointed this time either. :)

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