Claire’s – Nude Speckle Nail Polish

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So here’s the last of the beautiful Claire’s polishes. First I was on and on about the blue one, then I was raving about the pink one, and now I’ll continue with the nude one……..except I won’t. It may be just me, but lately I often bump into polishes I do not like. So far I’ve been loving every colour and every finish, but something’s changed. Maybe it’s the weather or I’m just getting older or I don’t know, but I hope it will go away, as I really don’t like writing unflattering things about polishes that don’t deserve it.

Because this one surely don’t deserve to be nagged about.

The concept is interesting: pinky-nude base with black, white and silver glitter. Of course it’s a Nails Inc. copy too, but with this price I can easily forgive that.

Like the other two polishes, this is a 3-coater too. Otherwise there won’t be anough glitter on the nails.

So in short, I almost can’t remember what bugged me in this polish. Maybe it’s the fact that this doesn’t compliment my skintone at all. (However I always thought that women don’t have to avoid certain shades just because they doesn’t flatter their skintone.) I’ll have to give it away to someone, because I’m almost perfectly positive that I won’t use it again.

Though I hope that despite my opinion, there’s still some of you who likes this little polish. :)

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