Crystal Nails – Neon orange (50)

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I was very surprised to find a new brand in my favourite Rossman last time I went there. It’s Crystal Nails, they are well known because of their nail technician thingies, so I was never really interested in their stuff, but now they offer nail polish, so I became involved too. :)

They have 60 shades, most of them didn’t impress me, but I found a mindblowing neon orange on the shelves, so obviously I had to have it.

…..and here we are again….neon polish vs. Edina. -_-

So please please please try to imagine that this colour is like 5 times more neon than on the pictures. It really is. It’s so neon I almost can’t believe it.

Stunning and bright, this polish became at once my all time favourite neon. It covers in 2 coats, the formule is okay, dries to a semi-matte finish.

Unfortunately this was the only neon shade in their colour-palette. Although I would be really happy if they had more of these insanely bright shades……or wait a minute… that I think about it, do I really want to buy more neon polishes just to struggle to take pictures of them? ;)

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