Flormar – Wet Look WL05

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My next Flormar item to test was the Wet Look peach. (I’ve already tested a green one, check it here, if you missed it.) I have been searching for a good peach polish for a very long time, but I always failed and ended up having lots of  useless peaches. I finally gave up.

So when I had a chance to try it for free, of course I wanted to do that. I was really curious about it. And now I’m sure.

I’m sure that I love it! I have at last found my peach nail polish. It covers perfectly in 2 coats, it looks quite runny first, but then I realized that fortunately it doesn’t flood my cuticules. Interesting.

The shade is perfection. It’s the sum of the right amount of orange and pink.

The brush is okay, it’s rounded so it follows the cuticle-line nicely. It has an average drying time, a creme finish – but I still don’t know why it is called Wet Look, I don’t see any difference, it’s not shinier than any other creme polish.

I’m so in love with this colour! I was quite sceptical first, I didn’t even dare to try it for some time, but since I did it became a star in my life…..not on my hands, because I change my nail polish every day, but on my feet! I have it on my toes every day. It’s so summery, it perks me up even in the office just by looking at my funny little toes. And the more tan I get the better it looks. :)

I still have 2 shades from this collection to try, a blue and a lilac one, I’m even thinking about testing them sooner than I planned, because they have so lovely colours. And if they have such good quality too…. ^^

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