Claire’s – Light Denim

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I know, I know, last time I said that there wouldn’t be any Claire’s nail polish on the blog for a long time, but here I am with yet another one. I couldn’t do anything about that, believe me, I got sucked in with this denim concept. And it’s blue, so I didn’t have a chance against it. :)

But let’s see, what is a denim polish again?

It’s matte. And blue. That’s all to it. :/ It has tiny silver particles to be jeans-like…..I suppose.

It’s extremely pigmented, it almost covered my nails with only one coat, but it was a bit patchy, so I used two of them. It dries very quickly and has a perfectly matte finish.

Actually, I hadn’t got any notion what this polish would look like, but I don’t like what I got. I just don’t find it interesting…..or as interesting as much is cost. It’s not ugly, just……..let’s admit: boring.:/ For me at least. :)

They have another, a much darker one too, if you have already tried it, don’t hold back the experience, I’m curious if you like it or not. :)

And now I really stop with Claire’s polishes…..for a while. ;)

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