Flormar GL09 and GL02

We’ve been waiting forward a lot for the new Flormar glitter polishes, because there were some rumours about some of them beeing OPI dupes. Namely, GL09 as a dupe for OPI Polka.com and GL02 for Pink Yet Lavender. I don’t own the OPI ones (I can’t spend that much money on glitter polishes), however I found some pictures for you to compare them.

But firts, let’s see the Flormar ones:

GL09 has pink, purple and blue big and small glitters in it. I applied it over various colours, so that you can see how it really looks.

Application wasn’t neither more difficult nor more easy than any other time with glitter polishes. You can manage the glitters to get where you want them to get quite easily. One coat was enough for me, but you can do more, if you dare face the removing process afterwards. :D

I found some very good pictures on Tina’s blog, so you can compare it with OPI Polka.com, but I’m quite convinced of them being dupes. :)

Here’s a macro shot too:

The other “oh-so-wanted” polish is GL02. It has bigger pale lavender pink and smaller holographic glitters in it. It’s so beautiful. *_*

Somehow I couldn’t imagine it over bright colours, so I applied it over some pastel shades. Sorry for these pictures, but I had to take them of my right hand – and being right-handed – it wasn’t so easy with a DSLR. :/ :D

The formule is the same as the GL09’s, and the dupe-proving pictures are once again at Tina’s blog. I’m convinced here too. :)

Macro for gourmets:

And finally here we have the polishes under the glitters. From left to right: Astor – 345, Moyra Pastel shades – 605 (which btw stained my nails like crazy -_-), Max Factor – Chilled Lilac (30), Lovely Gloss Like Gel – 413 and what I left out: Flormar Pretty – P03 (covers beautifully with 2 coats).

I think that both of the glitters are totally worth their price, I love them a lot, GL02 in particular. :)

And they have one green one too which has cute little silver stars in it, but I daren’t buy it, because I was afraid that the stars wouldn’t come out of the bottle. Anyone tried it already? ;)

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