Guerilla Gardening + Glamazona

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A few weeks ago I stumbled upon some new Cosnova trend editions, so I checked out all of the polishes which belong to the Catrice Candy Shock and Glamazona, and Essence’s Guerilla Gardening and Me & My Icecream collections. I immediately lost interest in all of the pastel shades, but I found interesting Guerilla Gardenings’s light green and Glamazona’s gold topper.

Plant The Planet had an awful coverage first, but finally I managed it to work with 3 coats. The colour turned out to be surprisingly pretty, I really like this ugly-shrek kind of green.

I added the Glamazona crackle top coat over it, so here’s Jungle Treasure in action:

I almost can’t decide whether I like these two because they’re so ugly, or – to the contrary – because they look so cool. It’s weird, because I thought I’m done with crackle polishes.

Though I don’t really see the crocodile/snake pattern promised on the cap, I think these two polish look pretty awesome together.

So, we have an Essence one, which is a litle tricky, but has an interesting shade, and a Catrice one which really do crack. They both have their flaws, but I kind of like them anyway. I consider it a half-success. :)

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