Misslyn Velvet Diamond – Universe (12)

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Today I’m here with yet another not too typically summery nail polish, but you were so curious about Misslyn’s black sand-like polish, so here’s Universe. It’s completely different from Spark of Hope

….but only colourwise: it’s much more somber and elegant. It has a black base with black and silver textured particles, which make the polish quite interesting. I applied Claire’s black Leather next to it, so that you could see the difference between the two of them. It’s clearly visible that the Claire’s one is a much more deeper black, and the tiny silver particles are absent too – insomuch as it’s completely matte.

Universe has very good quality, in fact it’s even better than the lime green one, because it covers with two coat very well. It dries quickly and it isn’t more difficult to remove than other sand polishes.

So I have no problem with it, still there’s no raving this time. But it’s only because I just don’t feel black nail polish yet. I’m sure I will LOVE this one in winter. :)

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