My favourite summer polishes – 2013

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I’ve been planning for a long time to write about my favourite summer nail polishes, but – given the fact, that summer is at its very end – I almost talked myself out of it. However I got an email from one of you, requesting this post (thanks again, Niki ;)), so here it is. :) The system is the same: 10 nail polish + 1 glitter.

Let’s start with the glitter and the pinks and reds. Flormar Icy Top IT02 was the first I tried from the new Flormar collections and I’ve been loving it since. OPI You’re Such A BudaPest is hands down the most beautiful lilac I’ve ever seen and the pink Astor is definitely my most used polish this summer. I seriously think I could apply it with my eyes closed. :D

The Kallos nail polish is a recent discovery, however the coral Anny spent almost the whole summer on my toenails. :)

Let’s see now my favourite blues and greens.

I’ve got a LOT of polish with the new sand finish, but the one to which I returned over and over again is this green Misslyn. I loved a lot of Aden and Flormar polishes too this summer, the former got me with its bright shades (green and blue), the latter seduced me with gorgeous pastels (mint and blue). My all time favourite was beyond doubts Claire’s blue speckle, which is simply one of the most amazing nail polishes I’ve ever seen. *_*

I really don’t know why I’ve been waiting for so long to write this post, because it was soooo easy to choose my favourites, I didn’t even have to think about it, it was so obvious that I love these polishes the most.

Or have I missed something? Which were your favourites nail polishes this summer?

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