Astor Quick’n Go – 323 + OPI – Oy-Another Polish Joke

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I couldn’t say when I bought this Astor polish, but it had to be way back in spring. Since then I wanted to try it several times, but I always chose another ones instead of this. Although I liked it in the bottle, I didn’t wish my nails to have this colour on. I suppose it has to do something with the fact that it was summer, because as soon as the weather turned to a bit more chilly, my first thing to do was to grab this orange beauty. :)

You obviously have to be bored that I can’t stop raving about Astor’s pink nail polish,but it really is fantastic. Well, this orange one is just the same. It’s incredibly pigmented, easy to apply, has a wonderful brush, covers with 2 coats, dries quickly, so: I LOVE it. Love love love it.

I was thinking about killing two birds with one stone, so I applied OPI’s Oy-Another Polish Joke on my ringfinger. I knew when I bought the mini set, that I would like this one least out of the four, and boy, I was right. It has a very weak coverage, so I think it’s rather a top coat, but I applied it just on its own, so I needed 3 coats to get that much opacity. I guess I will give it another go before Christmas, maybe I’ll like it then.

I’m so sorry, that Astor don’t bring a lot more shades from their Quick’n Go line in Hungary! They are absolutely gorgeous. *_* But it seems to me just now, that they have a turquoise one too, I have to check it, because I’m in love with this formule. :)

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