Depend Chameleon – Hot Lava (2088)

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I’ve been admiring Depend polishes on other blogs for a long time, so I just couldn’t resist to buy one, when I was in Helsinki. All of the Chameleon collection looked so amazing with their beautiful duochrome effects, it was very hard to pick only one of them. I decided to get Hot Lava, because I just haven’t seen a similar polish before.

Everytime I went to the Depend stand, this polish was the one I first reached for, so it had to be mine. The pink-orange-purple multichrome blew my mind off.

It is as tricky to apply as any other duochrome polishes, because it has a tendency to get streaky. Though the second coat already helps to smooth out the surface, so I was glad with it.

And you really can see all the mentioned colours, even without tricking with the lights and the angles. I love it so much! I’m so sorry that I didn’t try it right on the spot, in Helsinki, otherwise I would have most certainly bought some more of them. *_*

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