Kallos Love – 251

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After this wonderful pink polish, I became much more brave to try some more beauties from Kallos. Last time I went to their shop I tried to avoid the summer shades and get some fall ones. This gorgeous red is one of them.

I always try to show you the most color-correct pictures, and this time I really had to spend time with finding the right shade, because it is such un unuasual red (in my stash at least).

It’s basically a red, but has some orange hues too. I would call it crimson….if I were exectly sure what crimson is. It has a pearly finish, which makes the polish absolutely breathtaking.

It covers perfectly with 2 coats, has a wonderful pigmentation, though it is a little bit runny – I accidentally soaked my cuticles with it a couple of times. So use it with caution.

After this one I cant wait to try the other Kallos polishes I have………….or to visit their shop once more. ;)

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