OPI – Yoga-ta Get This Blue!

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I already mentioned that the purple Moyra will be one of my fall/winter favorites and today I found another one too. I don’t buy OPI polishes often, because I find them too expensive and most of the times I prefer spending my money rather on Orly polishes. But when I find an interesting color which is discounted too, then I become helpless and I have to buy it. This is how OPI’s Yoga-ta Get This Blue! enden up beeing mine. :)


And it was such an excellent choice! This polish is unspeakably beautiful. <3<3 <3


This is one of those OPI polishes I actually liked to apply. Somehow its brush makes is soooo easy – which is quite important with dark polishes like this, given that they’re a pain to clean up. :S

OPI yoga-ta get this blue!

It has such an intense. deep, almost mythical shade….wait a minute…. (searching, searching)

Oh gee, Edina, come on! -_- …..so, yeah, this polish reminds me a lot of  L’Oréal Mystic Blue, only the latter is a tad more purple. Yay. o_O

I don’t think that you’ll need both of them and if I had to choose I would go with the OPI. :) It’s my current most favorite dark blue, which is not easy, cause clearly I have a lot of them. :S :D

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