Golden Rose – Jolly Jewels 115

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Birthday Galoooooooore!  ;)

golden rose jolly jewels 115

Today I would like to present you my newest love. And it’s not just a little crush, but real love I’m talking about – the one that lasts until death, that’s passionate and sweet at the same time. I know these are big words, but if love is what makes one happy, then – per definitionem – this polish is love itself, because it does make me extremely happy every time I look at it.

Golden Rose - Jolly Jewels 115

In the bottle or applied to the nails, it simply makes me and everyone around me smile. It’s happy, but not strident, random but not chaotic.

But I’ll have ti change something with my picture taking routine, cause sadly I didn’t capture the shine this polish reflects. :/

Golden Rose - Jolly Jewels 115

So we have a milky white base which is full of green, blue, yellow, orange, oink, silver and white glitters. I applied 3 coats, I didn’t hink that two would be enough, but maybe it’s just because I couldn’t get enough of the glitters. It dries surprisingly quickly and one coat of top coat already evens out the surface.

Golden Rose - Jolly Jewels 115

I love it so much! *_* I know that I’ll be wearing this every time I’ll need to be cheered up. It’s like world peace in a bottle. :)

Last tim I showed you a Golden Rose nail polish, you asked if it was long-lasting, so this time I did test it too. I left it on my nails and it didn’t start to chip until the end of the third day, so I guess it’s okay. :)

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