Models Own – Velvet Goth – Amethyst

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Models Own - Velvet Goth - Amethyst

How else could I celebrate my birthday than by trying a new (at least for me) nail polish brand? (Mmm, let’s say with a new Michael Kors bag, thank you. :D) A brand I’ve read and heard a lot about, but couldn’t ever lay my hand on. Finally, this Monday, the time has come and this special Models Own polish became mine. It belongs to the Velvet Goth collection and has the name: Amethyst. Lately, I’ve been dying for purple polishes, so it was so obvious that I need it.

The bottle is cute, I like the idea of the velvet cap, I just hope it won’t get messy. :/ It has 14 ml of polish, which is a lot – as far as I’m concerned.

But it’s not the bottle, I’ve been wanting to try for years, but the polish in it:

Models Own - Velvet Goth - Amethyst

Once applied we have a matte, glittery, “haventseenanythinglikeit” finish. It’s not like leather or sand finish, but more than a simple glitter. It has a velvet-y look, but not a velvet-y feel. I can’t explain it better.

Models Own - Velvet Goth - Amethyst

It has a very beautiful color, I love these glowing-from-the-inside type of purples. It’s a deep, almost blackened purple which is full of silver and cooler and warmer toned purple glitters.

It was a little more difficult to apply than a simple creme finish, because it’s rather thick with glitters, but it wasn’t problematic to use. Two coats are enough, doesn’t need a top coat and dries quickly – as every matte polish.

Models Own - Velvet Goth - Amethyst

I like it very very very much, I like that Models Own twisted up the trends and created something entirely new. I’ve been thinking about getting the blue and the emerald green ones too, but the scarlet red is wonderful too (I’ll have to get it -_-). The only one I don’t crave for tis the black/grey one, but I’m usually not attracted by these kind of shades.

You can get your share of Models Own polishes too in Nailland, there will be such a nice selection of them. :)


And yes, I’ve been thinking about aplying a top coat over it, but I liked it so much this way, that I didn’t want to ruin it. :/

Off: So how could I make my birthday special for you too? I can post every day for a week for example? ;) The idea is not mine, but Lina’s, one of my dear readers’, so thanks Lina! :)

So from today on until next Tuesday, there will be brand new post every day, because it’s BIRTHDAY GALORE!


But I have to leave to Dijon on Monday and I won’t be back until Friday, so I’m afraid I won’t be able to answer your comments. :/ I do hope though that you’ll be here until then too. ;)

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