China Glaze + Barry M + Models Own trio

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china glaze first mate barry m amethyst glitter Models own freak out!

It’s not enough that my “I must buy these polishes” list never gets shorter, but other bloggers always persuade me to buy polishes too. So when Roni wrote about China Glaze’s First Mate or Ingrid posted about Barry M Amethyst Glitter, I knew I had to buy them. And buy them I did. Plus I fell in love so much with Models Own Freak Out! that I had to buy the full size bottle too, because I was afraid that I would run out of it (yeah, that was some real danger #not).

And one day I applied them all. ^^


I used First Mate as a base then I applied two coats of Amethyst Glitter and also some Freak Out! on my ringfinger.


There’s a lot of glitter in the Barry M polish even in one coat, but I needed A LOT OF glitter, so I applied another coat too.

All of the 3 polishes have wonderful quality. The China Glaze is super pigmented, the Barry M have a very interesting mix of colors (turqoise, pink, purple, gold and black) and I don’t even dare rave more about the Models Own one. :)


And the next picture shows how sparkly this combo was:


*_* Although I’m not even a glitter-maniac – or at least I haven’t been so far – now I would apply even more if I could.

Especially, if they look like this:


Or this:

china glaze first mate barry m amethyst glitter Models own freak out!

Oh, I wish the removing procedure wasn’t sooooo annoying. -_-

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