Flormar WL09 + Essence – Not Punky Nor Funky

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Flormar Wet Look WL09 + Essence Be Loud! Not Punky Nor Funky

You know already that I like the Flormar Wet Look polishes A LOT. I have raved about them all summer and now I’m more open to their darker shades too. Plus this purple seemed to be so similar to Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Plum, but way cheaper. And I finally had a very good base to the new Essence Be Loud! topper. ^^

One of these two polishes turned out to be perfect, the other one…..not so much. :/


I guess it’s not surprising that the one that didn’t let me down was Flormar, and the one I had problems with was Essence.

But let’s start on the positive side: the Flormar polish covered perfectly almost in one coat, but I added two. The brush is wide AND handy, which doesn’t always go together. The shade is a gorgeous deep plum, it’s shiny and dries quickly. I wish every Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine had a dupe at Flormar. :)

Flormar Wet Look WL09 + Essence Be Loud! Not Punky Nor Funky

The Essence one isn’t a total disappointment either.  In fact I was very surprised that they made such an interesting glitter with all those pinks and golds and blacks and holo strands and large green hexagones. It sounded so interesting. Until I started to apply it. Because it was soooooo chunky. :/ I couldn’t place the glitters in an interesting way.


So after taking some pictures, I couldn’t wait to remove the glitters and reapply only the plum. Since then I tried the Essence on a piece of paper and it looked really gorgeous, I’m sos orry that I couldn’t transfer it onto my nails. :/

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