Best of 2013 – Random

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Best of 2013

After reading lots of posts about others’ 2013 favourites, I decided to write mine too. There will be some makeup and other random things with lots of pictures. It was really easy to choose the things I wanted to write about, because I love all of them so much!

Let’s start with makeup stuff. In 2013 I used mostly foundations – I didn’t feel that BB creams would be enough for me this year. For more coverage I used Max Factor‘s FaceFinity, for something a little bit lighter I reached for their Whipped Cream.

Best of 2013

Wow, Real Techniques brushes?! In a favourites post? What a surprise.

Yes, I bought them too and I love love love them. And yes, I will purchase every single one of them. They’re fenomenal.

Best of 2013

One of the most beautiful things that happened to me in 2013 was Flormar. I hardly used anything from that brand before, but lately I’m in love with everything Flormar. Most of all their blushes. I use them all the time, though they don’t seem like it. Maybe that means that they’ll last until the end of my life? Oh, I wish. *_*

Best of 2013

Another “surprise” item on my list: the Color Tatoo. I completely fell in love with them, I use them almost every day, they made my mornings so much more easy.

Best of 2013

And not one morning can start without my Avon SuperShock eyeliners. I wish they had so much more shades. *_*

Best of 2013

I’ve tried a lot of mascaras in my life, but I always, ALWAYS go back to the Maybelline Colossal. It’s like they were formulated specificly for my eyelashes. Thanks again, Maybelline. :*

Best of 2013

My favourite lip products were (and are and will be) the new Catrice gel lipsticks. They’re hydrating and have just the right amount of pigmentation and I can apply them anytime even with my left hand and with my eyes closed. I couldn’t even wish for more.

Best of 2013

I have to mention the Pure Shine lip blams too. I love them so much, I need to buy more.

Best of 2013

I tried the Bioderma micellaire water and I love it very much. Together with some peelingpads there’s nothing that could resist them. Though it’s very expensive, so next time I’ll purchase the L’Oréal or the Garnier one.

Best of 2013

For random favourites I’ve brought you some books first of all. Stieg Larsson Millennium saga was surprisingly very interesting for me too, I didn’t think that I’d love them so much. I preferred reading them to eating and sleeping and I still can’t get over the fact that it’s over. :(

Neil Gaiman is simply Neil Gaiman, I couldn’t say more about that. Every single book of his is brilliant. This one included.

Lot of people didn’t like J. K. Rowling‘s new book, but I did. I had to start it like 10 times before I could finally go past the first 100 pages, but it was worth it.

George R. R. Martin‘s The song of ice and fire is the most gripping, astonishing and smart story I’ve ever read. I even started to reread all of them and that’s a first for me, I could never read anything twice.

Best of 2013

Beside painting my nails and reading, movies are my biggest passion. Here are my 2013 favourites:

Gravity: breathtaking – it had such an intense emotional effect on me, I can still hardly believe it. Cliche-free and very clever.


Anna Karenina: I saw the trailer like 120 times, I’ve been waiting the film like crazy and it didn’t let me down. It even made me like Keira Knightley.


Iron Man 3: well-well, I like every comic based movies and I like everything Robert Downey Jr. E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G.


Pacific Rim: movie with robots = good movie. Okay, this one is a little dull, but it’s very entertaining and has so good soundtracks!


My latest favourite in 2013 was coffee. This was the year when I got hooked up on it. I couldn’t live without it now.

This one leads to my favourite place of the year, and it’s the Blue Bird Café.

I love this place, it’s so cozy. If it was up to me, I would spend every afternoon in this place. Delicious coffee, brilliant design, cute (but not so skilled) waiters and yummy pastries.

The only thing that can keep me away from this place is my next favourite, my Nespresso coffeemaker:

So let’s sum it up: makeup stuff- check, books- check, movies- check, coffee – check. I guess I covered every passion of mine. ^^

Oh, I forgot nail polish, didn’t I? :P Of course not. The day after tomorrow I’ll be back with my top 20 nail polish of 2013. ;)

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