Moyra Holographic Effect – 251, 252, 253 és 254

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moyra holographic effect

Moyra simply amazes me. I just fell in love with their sand polishes last week, and now they launch their holographic polishes too. I could hardly maintain myself not to buy the whole collection, so today I’ll show you “only” 4 of the total 6 polishes.



First I wasn’t sure about this silver one, because I already have A-England Fonteyn and Encore Margot, which are very similar polishes, but finally the very friendly price tag convinced me that I don’t risk much with this polish. It needed 3 coats to cover perfectly. When applying it’s important with these polishes to wait a few minutes between coats, otherwise the new one will smear the previous, which can be quite vexing. I waited 10 minutes before applying the top coat too, so that the surface of the polish stay smooth and even.


Moyra Holographic Effect - 251, 252, 253 és 254

I’ve been longing for a nude holo for so long! That is if there’s something as a nude holo. It was the first one I tried and it has quickly become my favourite of the 4. :)



I was sure to get the green one from the first moment I saw it, the only question was that how many I should buy, because I knew I would want to surprise some friends with it too. The holo effect is so gorgeous on this one! *_*



If a collection has a blue polish in it, then I have to have it. This amazing light blue is my other favourite, I just can’t get enough of it. *_*

The collection has two more shades: a pink and a purple one. They didn’t seem that interesting to me, so I skipped them, but I can’t say that I won’t return for them. :)


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