Barry M Silk collection

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barry m silkI’ve been waiting for the new Barry M Silk collection like crazy, because I immediately fell in love with itt he first moment I saw some swatches. So – of course – I picked up all 6 of them when they finally arrived.

The whole collection has a matte satiny, pearly finish which I find incredibly feminine and beautiful. It looks like I’m no longer immune to matte polishes.

I had to use 3 coast of each shade to cover the nail lines, but then I noticed that if I use them on someone else 2 coats are enough. Maybe my nail lines are just exceptionally stubborn. :/

The consistency of the polishes is like a dream: they are ont he thinner side, but they do not go rogue easily. In fact they seem to be a little rubber like, they strech a little while applying, but this is a good thing, it makes the application easier. They dry quickly and they’re nota s streaky as I thought they would be.

Let’s see these beautiful pastels, shall we? ^^







IMG_6430I still love all of them a lot, my favourites are Blosson and Pearls for the moment and yes, I’m surprised too, that it’s not the blue one this time. :)

And another thing I realised while looking for new polishes at Nailland for more than an hour: Barry M Lady turns every polish to a gorgeous sand if you apply it over them!







IMG_6475Do you all feel the same kind of excitement like I do when looking at these pictures?! *_* I’m totally blown off by them. From now on I will apply Lady over EVERYTHING.

Barry M is soon to be my favourite nail polish brand if they continue this awesome path. :D

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