February favourites

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I figured, why not write about my monthly non-polish related favourites from time to time? I won’t turn lakkomlakkom into a beauty blog, but sometimes wonderful things find me and I just have to show them to you too. :) Let’s see what I really liked in February:


Lush – Ocean Salt

I only wanted to buy a new Lemony Flutter, but I got talked into this scrub in less than a minute. Firts time I used it, I scrubbed away half of my face, because I didn’t realize that it has huge salt particles in it. After I started to use it more gently, my skin became so smooth and grateful and even hydrated. You can find every little detail of this priduct here. One more thing: I would advise not to use it with an open wound on your face, because it will burn like hell.


For your Beauty brush

Since my hair is long again, I’m willing to buy everything that claims to make it more shiny/beautiful/thick/healthy/strong/etc. This brush was a total impulse-buy, but I don’t regret purchasing it. It’s a mix of nylon and natural bristles, that meant to give volume and shine to the hair. I don’t know about the volume, I didn’t notice it doing such thing, but my hair did become shinier. Besides, I do think that it makes my hair cleaner, like it removes all the tiny and invisible motes that get caught in my hair during the day. (uh, gross :/)


Dove dry shampoo

Besides the brush, my next favourite haircare thing was the Dove dry shampoo in the past couple of weeks (which I forgot to take pictures of of course -_-). Carmenesque Kriszta suggested that I should get it, when I was whining about running out of my favourite Batiste dry shampoo for dark hair. And as she said, the Dove one really does not makes my hair white or dull, only less greasy. And it works very quickly, even if I forget to use it in the evening, I can still save the day with it in the morning. I love love love it.:)

Let’s see the make up stuff next. ;)


New Essence Gel eye pencils

At the beginning I only bought the grey one, because it was the colour my make up stash have been lacking forever. It is claimed to be waterproof and it really is very long lasting. Even better than my adored Avon pencils. I checked it several times during the day and there were absolutely no smudging. So I decided to get the brown one and I fell in love with it too. The only thing to do now is to buy the black one and I’m good.

Catrice Lip Polish

I like everything Catrice makes for the lips. The Gel Lip Colour lipsticks and the Pure Shine Lip Balms are my all time favourite lip products. This is why I was very optimistic about the new Lip Polishes. And they do work, belive me. Every time I’m up for some brighter lip colour I use one of them. I only need to touch it up one time after dinner and it lasts until I finish at work. 

Essence Stay With Me lipgloss

The Essence Stay Witm Me lipglosses are my to go products. I just pop them on without a mirror and my lips stay shiny and lightly coloured for the next couple of hours effortlessly. I love all of them.


H&M necklace

It has quickly become my favourite piece of jewellery, even though I only bought it for the sake of a party. Now I wear it with a simple pullover even to the office. Usually I don’t like to take on thing that cheesy, but these diamond hearts are to die for. :)

I don’t say that I’ll write a post like this every months, but if I have some goodies I really love, than you won’t be left out of it either. ;)

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