Golden Rose + Flormar

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IMG_6408Today I’ll show you 3 polishes, because I just couldn’t help myself to paint my nails to different colours. Anyway, it’s good for me, because my mani looks more interesting, good for you, because you can see 3 polishes in the same post, and good for my test-drawer, because it gets empty more quickly. ^^


IMG_6397I’ve been planning to show you the Galaxy 06 for a while, because I like it very much. Colourful glitters in a pale pink base – in the bottle, it almost looks like an overcomplicated birthday cake. It looks gorgoues on the nails too, its has a mesmerizing effect. You can see two coats on my nails, I feel 3 of it a little excessive.


IMG_6400Since the Galaxy 06 has a pink base, I chose another pink to copliment it, hence the Matte Velvet 111. I have been raving about the Matte Velvets several times, I love them so so so much, they are so pigmented, they sparkle, they dry quickly, they sparkle, they have so many nice shades and……they sparkle.   #haveimentionedthattheysparkle ? :D


IMG_6402But my full attention on that day belonged to Skyblue from the Flormar Satin Matte collection. I’ll only say that: if I was to chose a nail polish to my wedding another time, I’d choose this one. Okay, I have to say more than that, because it’s breathtaking. *_*

A true ice blue that sparkles like crazy O_o It’s like it was made of ice or glass shards: cold, sparkling, majestic. I was almost unable to work the day I was wearing it.

No need to say, that I bought since then yet another Satin Matte shade and it’s just wow. I’ll show to you too soon. ;)

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