Moyra – Justine (No. 932)

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Moyra - Justine (No. 932)Here’s another Moyra polish I got for testing, this time I brought you a turquoise one. This shade is so much more right up my alley! I like it best of the whole bunch. When I finally had time to try it, I couldn’t help but give it a twist.

Moyra - Justine (No. 932)I guess it’s quite obvious that I’m wearing it on my index and little finger and I popped 2 coats of China Glaze So Blue Without You on my middle finger, while there are 3 coats of China Glaze I’m Not Lion on my ring finger.

Moyra - Justine (No. 932)I have no complaints about Moyra quality this time either, I can only repeat myself: fantastic brush, perfect consistency, amazing pigmentation……with a little longer drying time. Not annoyingly long, but noticeably.

Moyra - Justine (No. 932)Now I daren’t visit the Moyra shop, because I’m afraid I would buy every single shade of the Gel Look polishes, even if I already have dupes for these colours. I may already have 5 or 6 different bottles of this turquoise shade too, but I’m positive that every time I’ll long for this colour, I’ll use the Moyra one.

When I posted a picture about this mani on Intagram, one of my followers said that the ombre is very beautiful on my middle finger. Unfortunately it was only the lights and the filter that made the colour shift, so when I got home I felt that I should compensate her and did the ombre effect anyway. I liked the mani even better this way, so thanks @maulis_a for making me do it. :)

moyra justine

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