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china glaze pastelsCome spring and I’m obsessed with pastels for a few weeks and my nails are all candy-like. So I was very glad when Nailland Hungary contacted me and offered me to test some China Glaze cream shades.

I picked the pink Dance Baby, the lilac Tart-y For The Party and the mint Aquadelic. I have been in love with everything China Glaze can offer in shimmers and glitters for half a year now, so I was very curious about their cream polishes too.

IMG_6328As everyone knows, I’m not a big fan of cream finish. It’s not about how it looks, but the quality. I’d rather struggle with the removal of any glitter polish, than with the application of a cream one. Aside from Astor Quick’n Go, Moyra Gel Look and Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine polishes, I haven’t found anything I can use so far.

 Despite of this fact, I however often try some horrible polishes, because I just can’t resist their shade and I’m willing to risk my sanity for them. Given that these polishes were free, I was very pleased to try them, I knew I didn’t have anything to loose. :)

IMG_6331All three polishes behaved quite the same, I didn’t really notice much of a difference between them. The first coat was very streaky – I almost lost interest in applying the second one. Then I was like who cares and applied the second one anyway. And apply I did: thick and plenty – and to my greatest surptise it worked! The polish evened out, the surface became smooth. Wow.

IMG_6336I wouldn’t say that they’re my favourite cream polishes, but they performed better than the usual cream ones – which I would toss in the fire in a blink of an eye.

Making the most of having pastels on my nails, I finally tried one of Models Own’s most popular polishes: Ibiza Mix. A bottle of heavenly pastel glitters.

IMG_6346It was so much more sparkly in real life! :/ I understand that I should be happy that my pictures are sharp, but it would be good sometimes to be able to show you the glimmering too. Whatever, I’ll ask a professional photographer about it. :D

But come to Ibiza Mix: Wow. *_* It’s so freaking beautiful and unique! Now, I see why my Twitter feed is all spammed with it all the time. :D

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