Models Own – Pink Veneer

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Models Own - Pink VeneerModels Own HyperGel polishes are known to be the nonplusultras of cream polishes, so of course I was very interested in them. Even I wouldn’t want to miss a good cream polish. Models Own - Pink VeneerIt’s so….pink!!! Wow. O_o I know, I know, it was just like that in the bottle too, but still: wow. It’s unbeliveable! Or unusal…I haven’t decided yet. :) Models Own - Pink VeneerBut let’s see what this HyperGel works. I read that they are fantastic quality-wise, so I tried it and….well, let’s see.

  • First round: I applied two regular coats, then cursed some. -_- It streches, doesn’t spread, it’s thick, gloopy and bubbly. Argh. No way, out with it.
  • Second round: One thick coat. Doesn’t even out, patchy. Out with it.
  • Third round: One thin + one thick coat. Perfect, it’s a keeper. ^^

I have tried several pinks like this one, because I have been on the hunt for a perfect one for years and now I think I found it. Finally a cream polish, that I’ll gladly use. Models Own - Pink VeneerI bought the white one also, now I’m very hopeful about that too. Maybe we found the perfect white polish? ;)

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