Golden Rose – Rich Color 07

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Oh, wait, yet another Golden Rose creme polish? Nooo waaaay. :D Okay, I’ll have to admit, I might have a slight obsession over the Rich Color collection. But why not? They’re good quality, there are a lot of shades and they are very budget friendly. Lately I’ve been glancing at their reds and pinks too, I guess everything in a square bottle attracts me (khm, khm piCture pOlish :D).


Sometimes even I feel good about painting my nails to something more work appropriate, even if it means struggling with a creme polish. But it all changed after I bought my first GR creme. (I totally sound like a tv ad, sorry. :D) But I do like them a lot, you all know that. Especially if they allow reusing some old favourites like this GR Jolly Jewels 110.


I can only repeat myself: it is so easy to apply these polishes! Although this coral pink was a three coater for me, I still had visible nail lines after two.

Golden Rose - Rich Color 07

That won’t dissuade me in no way though. ;) I’ll just be more careful next time when picking my new Rich Colors polishes. ;)

I bought the polishes from Nailland Hungary, you can find them here and here.

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