Models Own – Bikini

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As I already mentioned in the post where I show you the entire collection, I was SO sure that I don’t need any of the Models Own Polish For Tans polishes. I WAS. The first one (hence the icebreaker) that I bought was Flip Flop and soon after that Shades, Beach Bag, Bikini and finally Sun Hat followed.


The reason I got them is quite simple: although almost everyone said that they are a pain in the mess to apply, they aren’t really. Okay, I’ll admit that they are no piCture pOlish or Golden Rose, but the application was far more simple than I expected. And finally finding the neon yellow – I guess it’s something every girl should be happy about. :)


The instruction manual for Bikini is the same as for every summer polishes: one thin and even coat as a base, then a thicker one to cover everything smoothly. And that’s it. Bright and bold neon yellow nails with the tiniest amount of struggle. Although I do recommend to apply a generous coat of Seche Vite over it to make it as even as possible.

Models Own - Bikini

I love that it’s a cold toned yellow and I can’t but adore how very neon it is (especially in person ;)). To spice it up a little (not that it needed anything like that – I just had some free time to play around) I dotted over it with some black (piCture pOlish – Darcy) and white (Golden Rose – Rich Color 76). Hypnotising, isn’t it? ;)

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