Models Own – Fruit Pastels

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So here’s another post with lots of summery polishes and again from Models Own. I got to love this brand a lot lately. :) The Fruit Pastel collection isn’t a new one, but I wasn’t really interested in it until I tried Coconut Cream. Then I had to have them all.

Let’s see why. :)

Models Own - Fruit Pastel

Because they’re so cuuuuuuute. ;) They’re not as good quality as the Polish For Tans polishes, but still very decent ones.

Blueberry Muffin (thumb): it’s a heavenly “love at first sight’ kind of baby blue, and no, it doesn’t even look like all of my other light blues. :P (2 coats)

Apple Pie (index finger): you can’t have enough og mint, right? ;) I like this one a lot, although I relaise it’s not the most special shade ever. (2 coats)

Banana Split (middle finger): I’ve been looking for a cool toned yellow, and now I have it. I really like the colour….even though it’s a three coater.

Peach Melba (ring finger): I was hoping that this will be my favourite peach, but it’s not. :/ It’s the weakest polish in the collection, but at least it smells like peach. (3 coats)

Strawberry Tart (little finger): I fell in love with these pale pinks this summer and this one has such a yummie strawberry shade, I could eat it off my nails. :) (2 coats)

About the smell: Coconut Cream and Peach Melba smell very intense, the other ones not really. :/ I mean I do smell something if my nails are almost in my nose (eh, gross), but other than that not much.

There’s one more polish in the collection, which is Grape Juice, that you already have seen, so I wasn’t in trouble having only 5 fingers on one hand. :D I bought the polishes at Nailland Hungary.

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