piCture pOlish – red edition

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Some of you may have already seen on Instagram, but I wanted to show you some red piCture pOlish-es on the blog too. Maybe this comparison will help you decide which shades you need and which you need even more. ;) From left to right: Scarlett, Columbia, Bridget, O’Hara.


I’ve already written about three of them, so you know by now that O’Hara is a summer-y red, Columbia is a pink and red glitterbomb and Bridget is one of my all time favourite polishes….ever. And now I applied Scarlett (a gorgeous bijou holo pink-red) next to them. There will be a separate post about her too, but it’s good to see them next to each other to see the differences.

All four of them are very special and beautiful shades, every girl/woman can find one that suits her. My favourite is Bridget – of course -, but I do love the other three very much. Which of them is your favourite? ;)

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