China Glaze All Aboard collection Part 1

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When I started to take pictures of the new China Glaze All Aboard collection, I wasn’t ready for Fall at all. But swatching all 12 shades changed this. :) Let’s start today with the 6 creme polishes, shall we? :)

The polish that carries the name of the collection is All Aboard. It’s a muted purple that – “despite” of its quality – is one of my favourite. I say “despite”, because it’s a two coater, whereas almost all the other ones cover perfectly with one. But back to this gourgeous purple: we’ll be very good friends this Fall. ^^


Conduct Yourself looks very similar to What Are You A-Freight Of?, but until this one is a dark oxblood red, the other one is dark brown. In the bottle the polish seems to be shimmery, but once applied it turns to a cream finish. It has a thin consistency, but even one coat can be enough of it. I’m wearing two coats on the picture.


What Are You A-Freight Of? is a dark brown that allegedly has some plum hues in it…..well I can’t see anything of that. And although the shade is quite boring for me, the quality is perfection: 2 thin coats or one thicker. Ideal for those who love thinner polishes. ;)


Don’t Get Derailed seems more interesting for me, I find these olive greens to be very elegant. I would apply two coats of it however, it felt like it needed it.


One Track Mind is a gorgeous dark navy blue. If you’re still looking for your perfect dark blue, then this is it. Seriously. The color is lovely and it covers with one coat. Oh, and I tried it without a base coat and it only stained my nails half a shade yellower.


Well Trained is my other favourite from from the collection. I just love love love this teal, I will use this one so much in the next few months! It covers with one coat. Perfection girls, perfection.


Overall: all six of the creme shades have very good quality, there are only two of them that need two coats instead of one (All Aboard and Don’t Get Derailed). They dry to a very glossy finish (although I’mwearing Seche Vite over them on the pictures – I need it when swatching) and they all are quite runny, but in a good way. My favourites are the purple, the teal and the blue, the other three shades aren’t really my cup of tea, but I can see why a lot of you will like them.

The polishes are available at Nailland Hungary and they ship to all Europe.

Next time I’ll be back with the other six shades! ;)


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