China Glaze All Aboard Part 2

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Let’s see the other six shades of the All Aboard collection today. (The first six were here, in case you missed them.) Last time it was all about cream polishes, and now here comes some more interesting finish. :)

Let me start with the ugliest one in the bunch: Lug Your Designer Baggage. I don’t know about you, but I can’t find anything flattering in this one. :/ It’s a boring brown with flecks. Please don’t be offended if you like it, but nay, not for me. But fyi it’s a two coater.


The most divisive polish in the collection must be Mind The Gap. I really appreciate that China Glaze dared to create such an unbeliveably weird polish. There is green and gold shimmer in a very unusual green base. It’s not very pigmented though, I needed 3 coats for full coverage.


My absolute favourite of the bunch is Choo-Choo Choose You. Although I’m a little bit ambiguous about it, because it looks so much greener everywhere else, but it’s still a taupe for me. So before falling in love with it, please check it on other blogs too! Anyway the greenish gold shimmer gives this polish such an edge, it’s to die for. *_* And it’s a two coater.


A couple of days I ago I said that I don’t like orange polishes. Well, I might have to recondsider that. Although Stop That Train isn’t a true orange, rather a orangey brick red,  but I like it anyway. It’s also a two coater and it’s easy to apply without streaks even if it’s a frost finish.


There’s only one glitter polish in the whole collection and it’s Loco-motive. I’ve completely fallen in love with it, I love these fine glitters so much!!! It’s brick red and gunmetal, I applied one coat over two coats of Zoya Chantal.


Nice Caboose! will be the favourite of so many of you, I’m sure! And no surprise, because it’s so very feminine, the perfect fall berry shade. Thanks a lot, China Glaze. ;)



Overall: last year’s Autumn Nights collection was a bigger hit for me, but I have to admit that I really like quite a few of the All Aboard polishes too. The cream ones are just perfect and the other six are very… I mean at first I was thinking that China Glaze wasn’t very creative while creating these polishes, but later I realized that I’m glad they didn’t release the 245th shimmery dark blue polish, but they came up with some really unusual shades that are very difficult to find elsewhere. Is it risky? Yes, definitively. But I can see a lot of you finally findig the shade you have been craving for so long, but never found anywhere. ;)

The All Aboard collection is available at Nailland Hungary and they ship to whole Europe. :)

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