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Some of you like Zoya’s very own PixieDust finish, some of you don’t. Nor me, neither my photos can or will change it – and we don’t even mean to. I, for myself, love them a lot, so I’m always very open to the newest shades. My pick from the latest three colours is Oswin. (Arianna and Noir isn’t matte enough for me  – yes, there it is, I said it: not matte enough. Who knew I’d ever say something like this. :))

_MG_9269 _MG_9264

As I would have never guessed either that I would like a red polish the most. And still, I just couldn’t care less for the purple Noir and I’m dying for Oswin. I have been looking at so many swatches about these 3 polishes and I couldn’t help but realize that Oswin’s the one for me. Maybe because it’s not real real red, but leans to a beautiful burgundy, thanks to the tiny pink glitters in it.

Its quality is the well-known Pixie Dust quality: covers in two coats, dries extremely quickly and has a very gritty texture. It’s a pain in the mess to remove, but it’s all worth it, because of the glitter-orgie you can see on your nails.

_MG_9250 _MG_9260 _MG_9256 Zoya - Oswin

I have so many polishes that I had bought way before Oswin, but while they had no chance to get on my nails, I couldn’t wait with Oswin. This polish is so so so sexy and sensual, that it can never go back being a “simple” Christmas red.

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